For some people, it takes a supernatural encounter with a demon and projectile vomiting to turn it all around.  Depression, pride, greed: gone in an instant.  But what about homosexuality?


If all that really exists is time and chance acting on matter, homosexuality would be no exception.  People are, or they are not, right?  From a materialistic, naturalist worldview, homosexual brains just fizzed in the direction of same-sex attraction, and that’s that.  It’s not God’s doing, it’s just chemistry.  God doesn’t even exist according to most of my atheist friends, so what does someone who doesn’t exist care about homosexuality?

It’s funny though…atheists often question not only the existence of God, but the morality of God as well, and why wouldn’t they?  How can God be moral if He created people to be gay, only to make them deal with everything that comes along with being gay?

But what if a homosexual brain were to suddenly fizz in the another direction?  What if a homosexual ceased being gay?  Would it be a miracle?

Probably just random fizz…  

Our guest today on Miracles & Atheists is Wiley Anson.  Wiley has had supernatural experiences with demons and he knows a thing or two about being gay.  His story is a good one, and contrary to much of what you’ll hear from human secularism.

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  • Nick’s former podcast, The Make it Snappy Productivity Show [1:55]
  • Introducing Wiley Anson [4:58]
  • Wiley starts to unpack his story of sexual abuse [7:01]
  • A trigger: how the brain deals with trauma [10:50]
  • Night terrors and vampires [12:47]
  • Seeing things in the Spirit [16:37]
  • Sexual rejection and confusion [19:33]
  • God shows Wiley about his dad’s suicide [22:10]
  • You’ve got my attention now [27:10]
  • More sexual confusion [29:18]
  • Spiritual conversations with gay friends [31:12]
  • How a demon brought Wiley back to church [33:25]
  • Slinging holy water: the demon was bound to the haunted house…[41:05]
  • How to make sure the demon doesn’t come back [45:15]
  • Projectile vomiting out a demon of pride [48:09]
  • Turning away from homosexuality [51:40]
  • PRIDE celebrates sin [55:14]
  • Wiley has a vision: the gift of a seer [56:20]
  • Wiley’s message to our atheist friends [59:24]
  • Wiley’s message to those suffering from sexual confusion [1:05:02]
  • Parting words from our guest [1:09:09]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways from the interview [1:09:50]
  • Did you know? (something to think about…) [1:13:10]



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