As we were coming to the end of our public podcasting time at NC State campus, an unexpected guest showed up to the broadcast. His name is Angel Garcia…

He ROCKED us with an incredible story about a supernatural vision he had over 30 years ago, where he was sent to the depths of Hell.



How do you respond to something like this? What do you do with the rest of your day?

Angel’s story was powerful and sobering, so powerful that we invited him back on the podcast for another live on-campus event to tell us more about his experience.

Also stopping by our podcast was Anson Howard.  Anson had a special message for our atheist friends you’ll find interesting.

Overall, it was an on campus tailgate event to remember: the M&A team fed some kids, told some stories (even told some jokes), responded to comments online, prayed for souls and UNPACKED the TENSION between different worldviews of the supernatural…cause that’s how we do!

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  • A powerful question for the MAC [1:42]
  • Introducing Angel Garcia [4:20]
  • Angel’s suicide attempt [5:40]
  • Jesus sitting on the throne [6:24]
  • A portal down to Hell [7:19]
  • Hovering over the Lake of Fire [9:10]
  • Pistol to head: Why did He bring me here? [10:26]
  • You will go to Hell, if…[12:55]
  • How is Hell fair? [17:50]
  • A demon of suicide [24:15]
  • God speaks through animals (Anson Howard) [26:00]
  • Did Jesus come to those who DID pull the trigger? [31:45]
  • Joe & Margie Parrillo close us out at NC State! [34:56]
  • Closing words [38:00]
  • Final Words of Wisdom from Stephanie Klingler [40:44]
  • Bloopers [41:27]


Listen to Part 1 of this conversation!

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