What do college students think about faith and religion these days? Do they find value and peace in belief (or unbelief)?  Have they been successfully indoctrinated with an anti-God agenda?



The M&A Street Team hits the campus at North Carolina State University and we weren’t really sure what to expect but had a lot of have fun rolling up on campus, tailgating with hot dogs and chips, hanging out with students, streaming LIVE and unpacking the tension between different worldviews of the supernatural!
It’s another first of its kind that we’re excited to share this experience with our Miracles & Atheists Community (the MAC)! Enjoy this unique experience as we experience at least three seasons of weather through the course of the day!

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  • Welcome to the tailgate! LIVE from NC State Talley Student Union [1:25]
  • A powerful question for the M&A community [3:18]
  • What do we want to accomplish today? [5:23]
  • Ignite Generations: what can the next generation benefit from? [7:40]
  • On prayer – what would happen if we did this more? [9:24]
  • Have any Bible prophecies been fulfilled? (online question from Our Dying Sun) [12:36]
  • How do you know Jesus is real? (from NC State student, Michael) [13:37]
  • Back to Bible prophecy [15:57]
  • What good is this life if all that matters is the afterlife?[18:40]
  • How did you know I was a Graphic Designer? [20:09]
  • Marlon Katsigazi on taking dominion [22:48]
  • Is the Word of God limited to 2,000 yrs ago? [25:03]
  • Are you saying YOU’RE not sinning anymore? [31:49]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways [36:46]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (for our atheist friends) [38:13]
  • Bloopers [39:14]


Listen to Part 2 of this event!

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