Films such as Zeitgeist and Religulous make incredible claims that Jesus is just another version of Mythra, Egyptian god Horus and others from pagan mythology.  This is exactly what our atheist friend Ron, challenged the M&A Team with at the Raleigh Market during our public podcasting event w/ David and Lydia Warpoole.  Ron is passionate about social justice and is rightfully disgusted with the state of the world.  He says if there is a God, why isn’t He stepping in to do something about all this evil? (Paraphrasing)…



We had a fun, important conversation with Ron and others during our Question & Answer session after our interview with David and Lydia.  We did our best to unpack Ron’s tough questions and retorted with some interesting challenges of our own.


  • A powerful question for the MAC [2:01]
  • Let the Q&A begin! [5:36]
  • If YOU have truth…(Jehovah’s Witness criticism) [8:53]
  • Ron the atheist (logic took over) [10:43]
  • People want somebody to help us [12:04]
  • Those who control the narrative [13:04]
  • The evidence around the resurrection of Jesus Christ [14:28]
  • What’s part of the narrative? [19:05]
  • Step in and stop the villains [22:46]
  • Are all these people wrong? [24:02]
  • Somebody created this thing that exists [25:47]
  • Marcus’ daughter explains why evolution doesn’t make sense [29:10]
  • Closing & Nick’s biggest takeaways [31:52]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [35:00]
  • Bloopers [36:30]


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