What if a deaf person began to instantly gain hearing after prayer? Would it be a supernatural miracle? What else could be done through prayer in faith – could the blind see? Would limbs grow back?



We strayed far away from superficial conversations in our LIVE event at The Raleigh Market with our special guests, David and Lydia Warpoole as they gave us their unique insight into their experience with miraculous healings on the mission field.

Ms. Lydia Warpoole likes to say she is God’s child, man’s servant and the devil’s master.  Lydia is from a small town in the low country of South Carolina. She grew up in a Christian home and is number 5 of 7 children.  Lydia says that at 6 years of age, God told her she’d be an international missionary.  She’s since traveled to 12 different countries all across the globe doing just that…

Lydia came on our show to be an example of the existence of God and His miraculous power at work in our every day.

And then there’s Mr. David Warpoole, who Lydia knows quite well…

Originally from Fayetteville, NC, and he had his first encounter with the Lord around the age of 13. By the age of 14 (only 8 years behind his wife mind you), David knew he was called to be a missionary. Since then he’s seen many amazing miracles first hand within his family and with strangers he’s ministered to.

David decided to be on the show for our public podcast and get out of his comfort zone and be a light to this world.  So excited to have you both here, this was a…dare we say, “supernatural” event!

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  • A powerful question for the MAC [3:29]
  • Introducing David & Lydia Warpoole [5:42]
  • Lydia’s Bapticostal upbringing [7:43]
  • Change and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit [11:23]
  • Spared from a house fire and head-on collision [12:44]
  • Praying over the yard: how do you know it’s a miracle? [18:50]
  • Advice for the modern American church [23:03]
  • Do skeptics even want God to be real? [25:05]
  • Scientific and Biblical evidence for mindset [27:30]
  • Knees and demons [28:56]
  • Opening up DEAF EARS (put your finger in her ear)! [33:19]
  • Rheumatoid arthritis HEALED! [35:09]
  • He should have been DEAD within 3 mins! [37:31]
  • Coming back to “normal” [44:20]
  • Released from the spirit of doubt [47:00]
  • Tumor on the tongue HEALED! [50:35]
  • LIVE Request for prayer [53:31]
  • But growing limbs…[56:00]
  • What about when they DON’T get healed? [1:05:43]
  • Can you pray for warm? [1:10:36]
  • Where should the Church go next? [1:13:46]
  • Closing & Nick’s biggest takeaways [1:17:43]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:19:20]
  • Bloopers [1:20:14]


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