When a man who fights sorcerers and magicians in Africa connects with a non-sorcerer magician and illusionist, you get a unique, colorful Miracles & Atheists experience…and that’s what we’re bringing you today!

While our atheist guest demanded proof, our Christian guest pushed back with experience.  It all ended with a unique challenge…



Back by popular demand is Evangelist Patrick Wandera of Uganda, Africa.  Patrick has a strong calling on his life to battle witch doctors, magicians and sorcerers to set them free.  He serves as a full-time minister of The Gospel with Deliverance Church Makerere Hill in Kampala, Uganda. Patrick serves The LORD through open air and conference speaking and he has ministered all over the East African region and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit, with signs and wonders following.  Patrick has authored many powerful deliverance books such as Seven Years in Hell, a Few Minutes in Heaven and Soul Merchants.

Who better to put on with Pastor Patrick than a magician??!! Well, not the kind of magician Patrick Wandera is used to dealing with (he’s not a sorcerer), but a professional magician and illusionist who performs tricks from the UK, Greg Craddock.  Greg is an atheist, food and film connoisseur.  He says he’s yet to see any supernatural event that he cannot explain or replicate.

Greg contends that the supernatural has yet to be shown as a thing or to exist and he wanted to be on Miracles & Atheists to, in his words, “expose the ridiculous.”

What “proof” would you need from God if He really exists?  Could you respond to this question with a serious answer?

It’s a unique and colorful episode we know you’ll remember.



  • MP’s powerful question for #theMAC [1:59]
  • Who is Patrick Wandera? [2:56]
  • Who is Greg Craddock? [3:32]
  • Let’s get on with the show! [5:20]
  • Welcome Greg and Patrick [6:32]
  • The definition of “magician” [7:32]
  • Greg’s history with religion [13:39]
  • Psychics & mediums: What does ‘expose the ridiculous’ mean? [16:33]
  • Patrick’s experience with a magician who cut off his tongue [17:45]
  • Growing teeth like a vampire [22:00]
  • Praying for a PlayStation [23:50]
  • What capacity do you need to answer a prayer? [24:40]
  • How would you prove God? [25:50]
  • God created the world in the dark? (on multiple dimensions) [27:26]
  • Ask God to join this chat! Why hasn’t He convinced Greg that He exists? [28:47]
  • God only appears to those who seek Him [32:01]
  • Greg’s challenge: ‘Take me to a witch doctor.’ [32:43]
  • Because you are away from God…[39:10]
  • What is a piece of proof that qualifies? [40:10]
  • Rebuking the spirit of death: Patrick’s father is 111 years old! [44:14]
  • Has Greg ever sought after God? [49:47]
  • What is the spiritual world? (on dreams) [52:58]
  • Empirical data on alien abductions and Jesus (interesting documentary) [55:46]
  • Again, what type of proof is required to demonstrate God’s existence? [59:10]
  • Back to Greg’s challenge to experience the supernatural in Uganda [61:15]
  • Greg’s closing words [1:03:22]
  • Patrick’s closing words [1:03:45]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways [1:05:50]
  • MP’s (Marcus Plating’s) Final Words of Wisdom (Prov 20:1) [1:08:30]
  • Bloopers [1:09:07]


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Patrick Wandera

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