Is there freedom in atheism? Where does a sense of right and wrong come from?  

These are some of the interesting questions we address as we get back into our PUBLIC PODCASTING event with Christian evangelist and deliverance minister, Marlon Katsigazi and budding atheist apologist, Dylan Savant.



In Part 2, you’ll get to hear Dylan’s take on people who condemn others who don’t share their personal worldview, and whether Dylan feels more freedom now that he’s renounced his Christian upbringing.  We’ll also get into the “love of God” and the archetype of a demon.  Pay attention to the idea of evidence as related to personal experience, and what type of evidence qualifies in the atheist worldview.

Furthermore, Part 2 of our public podcasting events is always a lot of fun because we get to talk to bystanders from The Raleigh Market who have good questions and opinions.

We truly hope you enjoy this episode, we’d love your feedback and look forward to your comments!  Let us know what you think by giving us an honest rating & review!


  • MP’s Powerful Question for the MAC [2:20]
  • God assigning stewardship to the earth [5:12]
  • What is the definition of the Church? [8:05]
  • It still comes down to evidence [11:33]
  • Dylan’s Scripture contradictions [12:01]
  • The problem of evil [13:25]
  • Is Dylan more free without religion? [16:30]
  • Something “brewing” online [18:19]
  • The archetype of a demon [19:17]
  • Questions & Answers [20:38]
  • What evidence would you need to convert to Islam? [24:10]
  • How Marlon would handle a person of another faith [29:32]
  • Kevin shares a demonic experience [31:01]
  • Condemning people who don’t agree with you [35:45]
  • When’s the last time you read the Bible? [36:55]
  • Dylan’s closing words [39:06]
  • Marlon’s closing words [40:27]
  • Closing & Nick’s biggest takeaways [43:06]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOWs) [45:00]
  • Bloopers [45:23]


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