Have you ever heard of demons being casted out of somebody?  Our guest Marlon Katsigazi has!  In fact, he claims to do it often.  So what better way to understand what’s going on than to allow our atheist guest, Dylan Savant, ask him tough questions about demons and deliverance?



Miracles & Atheists is back to podcasting IN PUBLIC at The Raleigh Market, North Carolina’s Largest Flea Market and we love to be challenged.  You’ll have the pleasure to join Nick and Marcus with our special guests, Christian Marlon Katsigazi and atheist Dylan Savant as we unpack questions such as:

  • Are demonic influences supernatural or mental?
  • What is the source of evil?
  • Is there a demonic agenda being played out in society today?
  • What evidence would qualify something as a supernatural experience?

It was a fun, frigid January afternoon where we had a great big tent (with side shields, of course), heat lamps, and fascinating conversation.

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  • Quick Teaser w/ Nick, Marcus and Steph [1:50]
  • LIVE! From The Raleigh Market [3:15]
  • Dylan Savant’s bio [5:56]
  • Marlon Katsigazi’s bio [6:51]
  • Let’s get on with the show! [7:55]
  • What is deliverance? [9:15]
  • Signs that people are possessed by demons [11:50]
  • Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence [13:09]
  • Demonic influence [16:15]
  • Can evidence be based on personal outcomes? [19:15]
  • Demonic influence vs. mental issue [22:24]
  • Does Dylan believe Marlon’s story? [29:38]
  • Stephanie w/ what they’re saying online [31:43]
  • Evidence of demon possession [33:30]
  • Removing people’s agency [38:10]
  • Dylan’s religious upbringing [39:00]
  • Atheism vs. agnosticism [42:12]
  • God is going to encounter Dylan [43:31]
  • Words of knowledge and miraculous healings [47:15]
  • Prayer hindered the healing process? [49:20]
  • A different type of theology [51:48]
  • Closing & Nick’s biggest takeaways [55:09]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [57:29]
  • Bloopers [58:11]


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