Our atheist guest, Vi La Bianca asked, “how do you know what God’s heart is if what we are all experiencing collectively, probably isn’t it.” What a good question!



Vi agrees that we (as a society) are not looking at Christianity in the way that it was originally intended to be looked at…as we continue to review Letter to a Christian Nation, by Sam Harris, it becomes more glaringly obvious that Sam Harris is raising concerns about theology that isn’t on point with how Jesus intended his Church to operate in the world.  In Part 2 of our conversation with atheist guest, Vi La Bianca, we dive deep into concerns about the overall message and consequences of American Christianity.

Vi is a popular atheist YouTuber known for the Skeptic Generation Call-in Show w/ Eric D. Murphy and How To Skeptic. Vi has two years of experience in atheist and gender activism. 

If you haven’t heard the genesis of how we got involved with doing a book review of Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris, you’ll want to first listen to Part 1 of our conversation with Vi at MiraclesandAtheists.com/044.


  • A Powerful Question for the MAC [2:15]
  • Who is Vi La Bianca? [4:15]
  • Let’s get on with the show [6:30]
  • What does “Thy Kingdom Come” mean? [7:56]
  • On spiritual experiences with different conclusions [9:30]
  • Intimacy vs. Intellectualism [13:00]
  • The “So-Called Christian Church” in America [16:05]
  • Taking issue with Sam Harris’ arguments [18:50]
  • What does a spiritual experience feel like? [21:04]
  • Vi’s definition of a spirituality [26:43]
  • Is God’s will always done? [30:20]
  • Who owns the Christian body of knowledge? [33:27]
  • Vi’s conclusion about Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation [35:00]
  • Marcus’ conclusion about Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation [38:20]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways from Part Two [39:13]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [41:56]
  • Bloopers [43:10]