Two Christians review an antagonistic atheist’s book with an intellectually honest atheist…Our guest is YouTuber Vi La Bianca, known for the Secular Sexuality and the Skeptic Generation Call-in Show w/ Eric D. Murphy.  Vi is the founder of How To Skeptic, and has two years of experience in atheist and gender activism.



We sincerely appreciate that Vi took the time to be with us and have a discussion about Sam Harris’ book, Letter to a Christian Nation.  This all got started when Nick met an atheist in a sporting goods store in Raleigh. They were in the shoe section and got to talking about Lebron James.  One thing led to another, he mentioned he was an atheist and Nick invited his new atheist friend to be a guest on Miracles & Atheists.  He hesitated a bit but eventually said something along the lines of, “I tell you what, I want to send you a book. I’ve never had a Christian be able to answer or talk about the questions posed in this book. If you can respond to the things in the book I’ll be on your podcast.”  So he suggested Nick read Letter to a Christian Nation…and here we are.

Well, we haven’t been able to sync up and talk with our atheist friend from the store yet, but we were able to have a solid conversation about the book with Vi, and we’re grateful for the opportunity. SPOILER ALERT!!! 

Vi isn’t a big fan…find out why in this presentation of The Miracles & Atheists Podcast.


  • A powerful question [2:07]
  • Vi La Bianca’s bio [3:50]
  • Welcome Vi [5:42]
  • Vi’s story: How Vi came to the atheist worldview [9:14]
  • My only real spiritual experience [11:40]
  • Compassion for knowledge [15:40]
  • What is the purpose of this book? [18:30]
  • Christians put us in a state of emergency? [22:15]
  • Abortion/civil liberties [25:08]
  • Violent eschatology: end times mushroom cloud is a GOOD thing? [31:00]
  • A prophetic dog whistle towards Evangelical Christians [35:30]
  • Dominion over the Earth [37:55]
  • Nick’s big takeaways [44:05]
  • Steph’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [46:19]
  • Bloopers [46:43]