A skeptic’s ears could perk up when they hear that an ex-satanist has never talked to an atheist. The last time Dr. Bill Schnoebelen was on Miracles & Atheists we talked about Halloween, and Dr. Bill made the statement that he’s never really talked to an atheist before. We thought it was an interesting statement considering the vast number of groups he’s been involved with through the years, so it was a good idea to invite him back on the podcast and connect him with an atheist. So here we are, with atheist Eric D. Murphy.



Dr. Bill is a prayer warrior, counselor, Scriptural scholar and author.  He founded With One Accord Ministries in 1992 and has traveled the world teaching, preaching and sharing the Gospel. Before his salvation through Jesus Christ, Bill spent sixteen years as a teacher and high priest of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick. A former Satanist & Druidic high priest, the Almighty has used Dr. Bill’s past to teach Spiritual Warfare and Minister to the Lost.  He is an authority on alternative religions, cults and the occult.  

Representing the atheist position is Eric D. Murphy, founder of The Atheist Podcast and Skeptic Generation.  Eric has spent six years as a community builder, speaker, and activist in the atheist community, and he has also been a repeat guest on Miracles & Atheists. Most recently, Eric started Skeptic Generation, a brand new call-in show which he co-hosts with his fiance, Vi La Bianca (who incidentally will join Marcus and I tomorrow to talk about Sam Harris’ book, Letter to a Christian Nation). The Skeptic Generation mission is to make fun, thought-provoking, and high-quality content for an ever-expanding community of diverse and compassionate atheists.



  • Welcome Stephanie Oberto to the M&A team (and a powerful question)! [2:10]
  • A little about Stephanie [3:26]
  • Let’s get on with the show [7:50]
  • Dr. Bill Schnoebelen’s bio [8:57]
  • Eric D. Murphy’s bio [9:50]
  • We go LIVE with Eric D. Murphy and Dr. Bill Schnoebelen [11:19]
  • How is it that Bill has never talked to an atheist? [13:39]
  • Dr. Bill’s epistemology [16:20]
  • Eric asks Bill about his background [18:20]
  • Catholicism and homosexuality [22:50]
  • Why the Bible vs. other texts? [27:12]
  • Eric’s concerns about Dr. Bill’s content [29:15]
  • Dr. Bill’s former memberships (ex-vampire, ex-mason, etc.) [31:58]
  • How do you know if someone is lying to you? [37:22]
  • Were satanic crimes reported to authorities? [40:20]
  • The point where we lose control of our show [41:11]
  • Eric’s religious background and his experience with satanists [42:26]
  • Are murderous satanists “all over the place?” [48:43]
  • Mormons and Luciferians [50:44]
  • Accusations vs. claims of satanists [51:27]
  • Closing words and lessons learned [54:01]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways [55:51]
  • Miracles & Atheists Announcements & Upcoming Events (The MACC) [56:07]
  • Heyo! We have a review [57:51]
  • Steph’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [59:13]
  • Bloopers [59:33]


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Eric D. Murphy

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