Invoking angels, strange barefoot men in the forest and babies getting healed online, it’s getting even MORE interesting as we dive into more exciting stories of the supernatural, LIVE and in public at North Carolina’s largest flea market, with Monica Perez-Burnett and Isaac Leeward. This is Part 2 of our 2-part series with Monica and Isaac.  If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, you may want to do that now…



Monica Perez-Burnett is a wife, mom of 8 (including 2 sets of twins), and a business coach with 29 years of experience. She founded Faith Led Business, Mon Ministries, and is Chief Global Ministries Officer for Sanctuary Girl. Monica helps entrepreneurs complete their God-given assignment in business by teaching them how to go from Invisible to Influential for Him. She brings believers to healing and deliverance through her ministry, and motivates women to walk out their faith through inspiring products at Sanctuary Girl. 

Monica believes we are in a time where God is calling His people back to Him and she wanted to join us on Miracles & Atheists to share His love for His children through healing.

Our co-guest is Isaac Leeward originally from Ghana, West Africa.  Isaac was a stillborn baby, but through divine intervention he was brought back to life. Later in life, he was taken to heaven and was captivated by its wonder. Isaac has been supernaturally saved from death eight times!  He studied theology at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX and also did some graduate studies at Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia Beach VA.

Isaac is the author of Encounters with the Supernatural, a compelling account which will provoke you into a deeper hunger for daily encounters with the reality of a good God. He wanted to be part of this project to tell world about the reality of our Heavenly Father. ality of a good God. He wanted to be part of this project to tell world about the reality of our Heavenly Father.

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  • A powerful question [2:20]
  • Part 2 of the public podcast begins (or maybe continues?…) [5:54]
  • A baby gets healed online [6:03]
  • “Invoking” angels in Africa [8:48]
  • Alone in the forest with a mysterious man [15:08]
  • Son, why are you here? [20:05]
  • Ask them, “Who is Jesus, the Christ?” [22:24]
  • A counterfeit is out there [25:06]
  • More closet Facebook Lives [28:50]
  • Determined to stay in a position of “awe and wonder” [31:36]
  • Monica’s Words of Wisdom: We ask the wrong questions [35:06]
  • Isaac’s Words of Wisdom: Time to seek God diligently [36:41]
  • The Public “Q&A” w/ Kristen [39:44]
  • Closing words at The Raleigh Market [42:27]
  • Bloopers [45:05]


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Isaac Leeward

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