The witch got personal…

Our guest tells his story of overcoming YEARS of an African witch’s curse. We’ve been talking a lot about witchcraft over the past two episodes with Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, but today, we’re getting personal and taking this witchcraft thing to a whole new level. 


Nick interviews our own Marcus Plating about his personal experience as a victim of witchcraft and how he overcame the curse. For any of you who think someone has bewitched you with a curse, you’ll learn what you can do about it, and how you can forbid these curses from affecting your loved ones. We hope this one generates some good questions from our atheist friends…we’re always open to uncomfortable conversations!

Enjoy this presentation of The Miracles and Atheists Podcast.


  • A powerful question for our atheist listeners [2:15]
  • Welcome to the witchcraft experience [4:40]
  • Witchcraft gets personal for Marcus [7:59]
  • Lack of discernment in American Christianity [10:40]
  • What is the responsibility of the Christian on Earth? [12:16]
  • Joining a fake church [16:15]
  • Using blood in rituals [20:08]
  • Can witches really curse Christians? [21:30]
  • Words actually do have power [24:48]
  • The foundation that holds up to the enemy’s attacks [28:40]
  • The scam of the Psychic [31:39]
  • The LORD built my faith muscles in a time of lack [36:32]
  • How to prepare for spiritual war [44:00]
  • Witches who steal destiny [45:58]
  • A summary of how to fight the devils [50:55]
  • Final remarks from Marcus [52:58]
  • Comments from atheists? [56:46]
  • Shout out to the witches and Nick’s biggest takeaways [57:32]
  • We have a review! [58:50]
  • MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:02:05]