Imagine a killer was trying to suffocate you and as you take your last breath he’s celebrating your death.  This was a sobering, horrifying moment for our guest, “Broken Catholic” Joseph Warren. We talk about his experience in this moment, and we unpack as much as we can about Catholicism, a faith many evangelical Christians don’t focus on, or really understand.



Joseph’s story is absolutely amazing.  He had all the things this world says you should have: money, success, women and an automated business that required only two hrs per week of his time.  Yet, despite all this, he felt empty and dissatisfied.  Joseph says in a moment of desperation, he prayed a dangerous prayer: “God remove anything that is blocking Your plan for my life – and use force if necessary.” 

You’ll get to hear some of his dramatic experiences after praying that prayer, almost right out of a movie!


  • Welcome Joseph Warren [5:30]
  • Throwback clip with Joseph from Nick’s old podcast [6:38]
  • Balancing achievement with faith [8:38]
  • Pouring everything in [10:11]
  • How Joseph became Catholic [13:40]
  • Islam and Nick’s “Christian Bubble” [16:23]
  • What is salvation and why? [23:12]
  • A daily decision [22:04]
  • The self-righteous Christian says, “all Catholics are going to Hell!” [25:51]
  • A hospital, not just a pulpit [30:31]
  • Catholicism on grace and Joseph Warren on grace [33:08]
  • $2MM at 19 years old and almost murdered [36:30]
  • Problematic labels [39:09]
  • A tension between denominations [46:18]
  • The supernatural today [47:28]
  • How to talk to God [56:37]
  • Popcorn questions with Joseph [1:01:07]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways [1:18:08]
  • Marcus Plating’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:20:40]


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