For some it may sound spooky, maybe wispy or even ignorant, but countless people talk about it.  What exactly does it mean to see in the Spirit, and is there something to it?

Today you get to hear more from our friend, Pastor Perry Maison.  Perry talked recently with atheist Boris Ekner on our last event, answering tough questions about God and whether He is really good.  Perry is a Kingdom Strategist, and co-pastor of Shekinah Glory International in Durham, North Carolina.  Perry says he’s doing what he was born to do, and that’s to connect people with his Father, to love Jesus passionately, and to fellowship with his best friend, Mighty Holy Spirit.

On our last interview with Perry, we wanted to talk more about supernatural things with him and Boris, but the conversation went in another direction and we ran out of time…so we’re bringing Perry back to tell us all about what it’s like, and what it means to see in the Spirit.

This one will open your eyes and maybe even your heart…enjoy this presentation of The Miracles and Atheists Podcast.


  • Show intro (Nick and Puerto Rican food) [1:30]
  • What does it mean to have visions? [5:09]
  • Can unbelievers see in the Spirit? [12:23]
  • How do you know it’s real? [14:45]
  • How can you actually hear from God in a practical sense? [21:45]
  • Perry Maison meets God [23:50]
  • Ask The LORD to confirm it [28:00]
  • What if you get it wrong and you’re NOT hearing from God? [34:35]
  • Psychics or Christians…what’s the difference? [36:55]
  • Followers of Jesus: how to develop your relationship with God? [39:00]
  • Do visions from God depend on how I spend my time? [49:24]
  • Stories of helping people see in the Spirit [54:20]
  • Is God speaking to our atheist friend, Boris? [59:39]
  • Closing words from Pastor Perry for our atheist listeners [1:03:03]
  • How to connect with Perry online [1:06:33]
  • Nick’s biggest takeaways from today’s episode [1:08:29]
  • Marcus Plating’s final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:10:48]
  • Bloopers! [1:12:06]


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