PODCASTING IN PUBLIC with Miracles & Atheists! We setup a tent, invested in some sweet outdoor audio equipment and drew an amazing crowd…not to mention, we had a solid guest lineup and a great turnout at Pullen Park in Raleigh. 

It was a night to remember, and marked a new milestone for how The Miracles & Atheists Podcast will be podcasting in the future.  We’re super-excited, albeit, SUPERNATURALLY excited to introduce you to Laurie Ditto, author of The Hell Conspiracy and Encountering Heaven, representing the Christian worldview, and our new friend Patrick Walsh, leader of the Atheists, Agnostics and Apostates group formed locally here in Raleigh, NC.  Laurie has had multiple visions of Heaven, and she’s had a horrifying eye-witness account of Hell.  Patrick has a lot of skepticism about her experience.

You’ll get to hear both birds, and intellectualism chirping freely as we set up in the park for a brilliant night of civil discourse. 


Why did God command genocide?

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  • Welcome to M&A’s first LIVE audience PUBLIC podcast ever! [5:03]

  • Hal Linhardt introduces Laurie Ditto [6:50]

  • Nick Snapp introduces Patrick Walsh [8:35]

  • Why did Laurie want to be on M&A? [10:25]

  • Laurie’s experience in hell [11:01]

  • Patrick’s church experience [14:14]

  • What text caused Patrick’s unbelief? [21:00]

  • Who wrote the Gospels? [22:15]

  • Laurie’s take on Patrick’s story [22:32]

  • God took Laurie to Heaven too [28:04]

  • Why you, Laurie? [31:00]

  • God commands genocide [35:45]

  • We need God to help us follow the rules [40:25]

  • On stoning people to death [42:02]

  • Should Christians be following Old Testament laws? [47:30]

  • Tough Question of the Week (w/ Nico) [50:28]

  • Patrick’s take on the Old Testament law [51:35]

  • How do you know which religion is true? [54:50]

  • What’s the big deal about sin? [1:02:03)

  • How could Adam and Eve be held responsible? [1:07:23]

  • Open Mic Q&A Begins! [1:11:56]

  • Open Mic Question #1: Was Laurie’s story fabricated? [1:18:56]

  • Open Mic Question #2: Does experience discount the need for faith? [1:24:54]

  • A voice from the dark [1:28:04]

  • Parting remarks: Patrick Walsh [1:29:35]

  • Parting remarks: Laurie Ditto [1:33:09]

  • Nick’s biggest takeaway [1:38:05]

  • Marcus Plating’s Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:40:25]



Patrick Walsh

Laurie Ditto