When someone posts a thought-provoking question on social media that’s NOT actually riddled with superficiality, the responses can be all over the board.  Some get uncomfortable and all you get is crickets, others get nasty, and then maybe, just maybe a bit of wisdom shines though.

If you listen to Miracles & Atheists, you already know we don’t like baseless rhetoric, regardless of where it comes from: Christian or atheist.  So when I go through comments on a post that says, “Biggest beef with Christianity…go 👇” I typically weed through A LOT of scoffing and mockery, almost always from atheists.  Yet, we did find a gem, one that really deserves more attention and a deeper dive.  Our guest, Jeruss Harrison’s comments were well thought through, articulate, and thought-provoking.  Here’s his response:

San Francisco native, Jerrus Harrison’s comments really stood out us.  Jerrus is a secular humanist, digital & social marketing consultant and music producer.  He’s spearheaded digital and social strategies for companies across a number of industries, he’s a certified personal trainer, an actor, model and live event host. I loved this conversation with Jerrus, we enjoyed hearing his heart and unpacking some of his criticisms of the Christian faith, most of which had to do with what he describes as a lack of EVIDENCE for God, and a lack of evidence for modern-day miracles.


If there’s no absolute good or evil, where does morality come from?

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  • Welcome Jeruss Harrison to Miracles & Atheists [5:33]
  • How do you define a secular humanist? [6:36]
  • Jeruss’ religious background growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area [8:08]
  • The Bible never really made sense to me [10:38]
  • The “thought-provoking” Facebook post [12:03]
  • What does Jeruss believe it means to be a Christian? [13:59]
  • Burning questions from Jeruss about miracles [15:45]
  • Nick’s take on the media and present-day miracles [18:49]
  • Is secular humanism its own form of religion? [22:10]
  • Aggressive atheists [24:33]
  • Nick’s form of cynicism [28:15]
  • Evidence and the scientific method [30:36]
  • Empirical and admissible evidence [37:30]
  • Morality and right vs. wrong [48:06]
  • Tough Question of the Week (w/ Ethan Snapp) [49:36]
  • A changing “want-to” [54:19]
  • If Islam were false, would you want to know it? [55:58]
  • The “Echo Chamber” [57:21]
  • How would you define an atheist? [59:40]
  • How to connect with Jeruss online? [1:03:28]
  • Closing Remarks and MP’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:05:13]