Tough Question of the Week:

How is the Bible different from Aesop’s Fables?

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When you bring a Muslim and an atheist together to talk about hell, well, there’s just no predicting what will come of it, with ONE exception: the conversation will be anything but dull.

We welcome Ashley Sanders, a young comedian, entrepreneur and podcast host. She’s an atheist, but grew up in the church and has read the Bible three times!  Ashley was on our Miracles & Atheists live-stream a few years ago and wanted to be part of the podcast again because in her words, it’s a great way promote diplomacy, which is something she believes can change the world.

To keep the conversation riveting, we also welcomed our guest, Iqbal Ali, from New Delhi.  Ali worked and went to school at King Saud University, in Saudi Arabia.  He’s a passionate and devout Muslim, who, as you’ll be able to hear from our conversation, enjoys apologetics perhaps even more than the hosts of The Miracles and Atheists Podcast!

We talked in depth about the Christian, Muslim and yes, even atheist beliefs (or unbeliefs) about hell and the purpose of life.  It’s a far better use of time than listening to the mainstream media….that’s a promise!  Enjoy.


How is the Bible different from Aesop’s fables?


  • Let’s go! Introducing Ashley and Ali [6:17]
  • Ashley had to make a choice [10:10]
  • What do Christians believe and what makes it so unbelievable? [12:10]
  • The Bible vs. Aesop’s Fables [14:47]
  • Tough Question of the Week (w/Ethan Snapp) [15:16]
  • Ali’s Muslim view of the Bible and his challenge to Ashley [16:44]
  • Name one thing that created itself [18:00]
  • What does hell and eternal damnation mean to a Muslim [19:45]
  • Does Ali know if he’s going to Heaven? [31:39]
  • Good deeds vs bad deeds [34:57]
  • What is the meaning of life? [39:35]
  • The human soul craves judgment. What about punishment? [45:50]
  • Religion: just pick one off the menu? [48:46]
  • Does the inauthentic invalidate the authentic? [51:53]
  • Can someone pay for sins? [53:18]
  • What hell means to Christians [56:26]
  • On serving God and creation [1:01:28]
  • Why talk about hell with an atheist? [1:05:28]
  • Why was hell created in the first place? [1:08:00]
  • Ali’s closing words [1:12:00]
  • Ashley’s closing words [1:15:30]
  • Arctic Puffin’s review of the M&A podcast [1:18:09]
  • Marcus Plating’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [1:19:08]