Tough Question of the Week:

Did “they” add hell to the Bible to scare people into living a life without sin?

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Does hell not exist because “they” added it to the Book to scare people into living a life without sin? Can we use our own “Christ consciousness” to stop time?

So many interesting topics come up when you start talking about hell. The idea that any of creation would find his or herself in hell has a way of bringing a wide range of emotional topics to the surface that we’re not all that used to talking about.

So let’s talk about em!

Our guest, Illiana Villalpando is a truth-seeker and spiritual researcher who does not believe that hell exists.  She accepts some parts of Christianity, some Buddhism, a bit of Hinduism, and all of science.  Illiana is a self-proclaimed agnostic, who chose to be part of our program to open the minds of others and their perspective of good and evil.

As always, we had an interesting conversation about a number of topics our truth-seeking listeners will appreciate.


Was the Book of Revelation added to the Bible in the Medieval Ages to stop people from sinning?


  • Welcome Illiana to M&A [4:55]
  • We are easily maneuvered [7:48]
  • Illiana’s understanding of energy [9:17]
  • Apostolic church upbringing and religious history [10:21]
  • Leaving the church [14:33]
  • “We ourselves are gods”-Illiana Villalpando [16:30]
  • Was the Book of Revelation written to brainwash humanity? [18:50]
  • Tough Question of the Week (w/Carter Snapp) [21:04]
  • Not believing in hell [23:30]
  • Predictive programming and Kermit the Frog [24:50]
  • What happens if you’re not a “good” person? [31:05]
  • How is hell invalidated by energy? [38:15]
  • Does time really exist? [42:00]
  • What is the Gospel to Illiana? [43:12]
  • The claim that Jesus isn’t original [45:42]
  • Demonic church upbringing [52:55]
  • Illiana’s final words for #theMAC [53:57]
  • How to connect w/Illiana on social media [56:21]
  • Marcus Plating’s Final Words of Wisdom (WOW) [59:30]