“The time of year when Christians & atheists suspend their belief systems and come together to celebrate paganism.”

-Meme, Unknown Author


We’re going to have a very uncomfortable conversation about Christmas, pagan roots and symbols related to Christmas, and try to unpack to the best of our ability whether it’s in a Christian’s best interest to partake.

It’s unsettling to even question the idea, yet, if we’re really truth-seekers, we should be doing whatever we can to understand why we believe what we believe, and why we celebrate what we celebrate.


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  • ‘Tis the Season! Christmas kickoff [4:50]
  • What are atheists saying about Christmas? [6:32]
  • The assertion: losing your faith because of a meme? [9:18]
  • Counterfeit virgin births [11:10]
  • Should Christians celebrate Christmas? [16:37]
  • The DaVinci Code [18:00]
  • The history of Christmas [18:38]
  • Christmas for the American Colonists [21:09]
  • The idea of syncretism [22:30]
  • But my heart is in the right place! [26:15]
  • The Golden Calf vs. The Christmas Tree [27:50]
  • Worship in Spirit AND in truth [30:15]
  • Symbolism: Santa Claus [32:14]
  • Nick is challenged on his personal views about Christmas [39:28]
  • Symbolism: The Christmas Tree [41:16]
  • Can you repurpose a holiday? [50:37]
  • Can you unknowingly worship a false god? [55:00]
  • What is the definition of Legalism? [52:27]
  • Go/No-Go Criteria [55:00]
  • The Christmas Conclusion [56:00]
  • Closeout and Marcus Plating’s words of wisdom [1:01:29]