It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

When you stumble upon a good story, you don’t always have an opportunity to share it, but thank God that wasn’t the case with this one! Nick and Marcus hosted our first Miracles & Atheists Livestream as a team and decided to turn our experience into this BONUS podcast episode!

Livestreams are a fun way to engage our listeners in real-time, but we really enjoy taking a step back and unpacking these types of experiences in podcast form, which is what we decided to do with Leeroy Alvarez and Doc Kennedy.

Leeroy Alvarez was an LGBTQ atheist who had a radical encounter with Jesus, who just happened to be tuning into our livestream and writing some seriously thought-provoking comments along the way.  We invited him on camera, and WOW, what a story!

When he’s not telling his LGBTQ and Satanist friends about Jesus, Leeroy spends his time as a Gospel rapper and he’s starting an insurance business.

Lay Low (Remix) by Leeroy Alvarez

We also welcomed back comedian, patriot, and Bible prophecy researcher, Mr. Doc Kennedy.

You’ll hear Nick, Leeroy and Doc talk a little more about politics and prophecy, but what we’re most excited about is Leeroy’s transformation story from an LGBTQ Atheist to a lover and follower of Jesus, you’re definitely in for a treat!

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  • Some interesting comments from Leeroy Alvarez [5:10]
  • Leeroy Alvarez joins Nick and Doc on camera with his story [8:30]
  • Leeroy disagrees: prophecy isn’t that clear cut [13:44]
  • Your “Tough Question of the Week” (w/ Ethan Snapp) [15:49]
  • Praying for our leaders [17:30]
  • Words of wisdom from Leeroy [23:27]
  • Never talk about politics and religion??? [27:11]
  • What are Christian Biden-supporters expectations for legislations? [32:00]
  • Would Jesus support one candidate over the other? [34:30]
  • Connect with Doc Kennedy and Leeroy Alvarez online [35:05]
  • Closeout and Marcus Plating’s words of wisdom [38:10]