Does God have anything to say about the 2020 Election?

Does God reveal secrets to modern-day prophets about the state of a nation?  Has God revealed anything to a retired paramedic who prays for people for miraculous healings?

Will there be insurrection following Decision 2020?

So many questions…

We turn today to Dave Hayes, “The Praying Medic,” for answers, and to popular Youtube atheist, Eric D. Murphy for more questions.  


We could not have had two people on The Miracles & Atheists Podcast with more drastically opposing positions as we had on this episode, with Dave Hayes and Eric D. Murphy.  

Supernatural Healing

Our listeners would have missed out, had we not kicked off our conversation with The Praying Medic by asking him about his experiences with supernatural healing, which really set the tone for the show.  Dave’s experiences were met with significant skepticism from Eric D. Murphy.  Nonetheless, it was a lively, yet productive discussion, where The Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC) will experience a truly thought-provoking discourse from both sides of the argument.

Decision 2020

The discussion then led into the State of our Nation (the USA), the major issues we’re dealing with in the final weeks before Decision 2020 (including the “defund the police” movement and Breonna Taylor) and whether God has revealed anything about the Election to our guest, Dave Hayes.

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  • The purpose of our Episode 010 and supernatural effects on politics [4:53]

  • Who is The Praying Medic? [5:43]

  • Who is Eric D. Murphy? [6:51]

  • Stories of “Divine Healing” [8:23]

  • Eric’s thoughts on Dave’s experiences/perspective [15:25]

  • God didn’t heal them, I did. [16:47]

  • The thing about healing [18:55]

  • An underlying assumption? [23:10]

  • Empirical cause and effect [26:44]

  • What is the risk of praying for healing? [28:00]

  • The transition to politics: what needs to happen in 2020? [30:12]

  • The New Deal and the “Social Gospel” [33:40]

  • What is God saying about the 2020 Election? [36:55]

  • Growing tension & hostility after the election [39:30]

  • Police committing crimes and defunding the police [45:15]

  • “Let’s take a time out” (things heat up)…[53:28]

  • Compassion and sense of justice [56:20]

  • What do we as a nation need to do right now? [59:10]

  • “I think that’s a very privileged position for a white man to have.” [1:01:10]

  • “Astounded at the disconnect.” [1:06:00]

  • Scrutiny should not be offensive, it should be embraced [1:11:30]

  • Where to find Eric D. Murphy online [1:12:20]

  • Where to find The Praying Medic online [1:13:39]

  • Nick and Marcus read The MAC’s reviews from Apple Podcasts [1:16:30]

  • Announcements for the Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC) [1:17:30]