What’s the difference between FAITH and GULLIBILITY?

It was a good question posed by our atheist guest, Eric Wells, that at the time, none of us had an answer for.  How would you answer?  Is faith in Jesus any different from faith that a Muslim martyr will have 72 virgins in the afterlife?  All tough questions to wrestle with that we unpack on with Part 2 of 2 of our deep dive conversation with Eric Wells and Christian podcaster, Dave Jackson.

It’s the second lookback on one of my favorite episodes, #4 from the Miracles & Atheists Livestream on Facebook 2+ years ago.  Back in those days Nick used to stream for 4-hours straight, an intense, but well-worth-it experience.  We covered a myriad of topics in our deep dive, all stemming from a mysterious BULLET that somehow ended up NOT killing, or even touching for that matter, our friend Dave Jackson. The conversation brought up so many interesting issues that Marcus and I thought it’d be prudent to unpack the conversation.  We dove SO DEEP that we had to split our dive up into two parts.

Buckle your seatbelts for some really solid nuggets on evolution vs. creationism, faith vs. gullibility, and the motivation of the 9/11 terrorists vs. that of a born-again Christian.

If you haven’t listened to Part 1, “DID GOD STOP A BULLET,” you can listen to Part 2 now if you want to, but we HIGHLY recommend going back and enjoying episode 008 before you do…  

You’re in for a treat Miracles & Atheists Community!!!! #theMAC

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  • How is something like that falsifiable? [08:30]

  • Intelligent design vs. evolution [15:25]

  • Does billions of years make evolution highly plausible? [18:31]

  • Dr. James Tour’s powerful rant [21:47]

  • Unpacking Dave Jackson’s faith statements [25:10]

  • The faith of 9/11 terrorists vs. that of a born-again Christian [32:31]

  • Faith or gullibility? [37:40]

  • What is faith, really? [41:39]

  • Biggest takeaways and final words of wisdom [48:39]