Does God defy natural physics?

Depends on a multitude of factors I suppose…but regardless, we have a story for you today that’ll get your supernatural guns a-blazing! When a young man and his girlfriend are held up at gunpoint and the gun fires, it’s up to you to decide whether God intervened.

It’s a first on Miracles & Atheists…we’ve gone back into the ARCHIVES of the good ole’ M&A Livestream that I used to host on Facebook a few years back.  I’ve personally selected one of my FAVORITE conversations from the stream with Dave Jackson and Eric Wells.  You’ll hear not only about the bullet, but about science, evolution, faith, gullibility and 72 virgins! 

You can catch the original, unedited version of this conversation if you click here and fast-forward to about 2 hrs 30 mins. 

Our first guest representing the atheist position is Genealogist Eric Wells.  Eric has created and built businesses and nonprofits for the last 20 years and is the Director of the Springfield Skeptics, serving Atheists, Agnostics, and Non-Believers in the Ozarks. Eric is very skilled in his craft, he’s very much into science and we can tell he puts a high-level of diligence into the things he’s passionate about.

Next is Christian podcaster, Dave Jackson. Dave is the host of the world-famous School of Podcasting show that he’s been doing for over 15 years.  He’s an ex-teacher, a good reason why he’s so good at teaching folks about podcasting. Dave has made his passion his vocation, working for Libsyn, the host platform of the one and only Miracles & Atheists podcast.

In addition to defying physics, we talk about philosophy, evolution, faith, gullibility, an much much more.

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  • Kicking off the deep dive [05:22]
  • How Eric Wells became an atheist [7:00]
  • Unpacking Eric’s story [13:10]
  • How Eric defines atheism [20:28]
  • Introducing Dave Jackson and his miracle story [24:00]
  • Unpacking Dave’s story [28:59]
  • Dave’s view on Jesus and the church [30:40]
  • Unpacking Dave’s church history [35:01]
  • Eric challenges Dave’s miracle [39:30]
  • We have explanations [40:55]
  • The importance of diligence [42:01]
  • Rhett Hall chimes in [43:41]
  • Eric’s thoughts on rare and odd occurrences [45:40]
  • Spontaneous remission and other miracles [48:05]
  • Limb regeneration [51:28]
  • Third-world countries see more miracles…why? [55:52]
  • Closeout and announcements for the Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC) [1:00:43]