All of our nation’s controversial topics mashed up into one miraculous conversation! 

We’re giving you a smorgasbord of hot buttons and trigger moments, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. When we learned there were rioters in Portland burning Bibles, Nick asked the question, “why?” on social media.

The answers may surprise you, so we decided to do a podcast on it. We had all intentions of staying focused on Bible burning, but then found ourselves talking about Covid, the Black Lives Matter organization, and even child sex trafficking.  The conversation was intense, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you can’t talk about tough things, why talk at all?

One of the people who answered Nick’s Bible-burning question on social media, quite intelligently, was Ayries Blanc. Ayries is a founder of DYM Media, a creative agency based in Ireland and Los Angeles. She holds degrees in Psychology and Environmental Science. With “back to the land” parents, her mystical and magical training started young. She was raised in a hippy commune that encouraged her to explore who she was without the usual societal ‘shoulds.’ She has been a practitioner of Tibetan, Zen Buddhism and Hatha yoga for over 12 years. Ayries says she explores the divine to more deeply understand human biology and purpose.  She particularly loves folk, Norse, Greek, and indigenous mythology as well as mystic studies within Islam, Judaism, AND Christianity.

We also invited Vanessa Irvin to be our special guest, who knows a thing or two about supernatural conversations. Vanessa Irvin grew up in rural NC, the daughter of a sharecropper in a large family of 13 siblings. She completed her undergrad at St Augustine’s, a Historically Black College in Raleigh and went to graduate school for Statistics at Ohio State (until life got in the way…)

Vanessa is a semi-retired Montessori teacher who loves Math, Chemistry and most of all, Jesus. Marcus remembers the first time he had a serious conversation with Vanessa, she told him, “I used to be black, now I’m a Christian.”

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  • Welcome Ayries and Vanessa [6:55]
  • What do you think about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement? [14:35]
  • On “defunding the police” [20:30]
  • The media’s responsibility in these movements [24:02]
  • Why isn’t sex trafficking getting attention? [30:45]
  • Do we have a problem with racism in America today? [34:25]
  • What’s up with Covid? [37:20]
  • Bible burning: why? [44:24]
  • Since you brought up satan… [55:56]
  • Satanic ritual abuse of children (spiritual warfare) [1:00:05]
  • Is the Bible immoral? [1:04:45]
  • How do Ayries spiritual beliefs play into her view of America’s current issues? [1:10:50]
  • One challenge from Ayries to Vanessa and from Vanessa to Ayries [1:16:10]
  • Contact Ayries social media/business info [1:21:00]
  • Closing remarks + reading M&A’s first 5-star online review! [1:22:14]


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  • Support Ayries’ business, DYM Media
  • Vanessa Irving (isn’t on social media 🙂 )