Now THAT’s what I call an Atheist…

…and a Christian…and a Skeptic…and whatever other term can be taken out of context!

The more I learn about apologetics and debate, the more I learn just how important it is to define the terms we use when having conversations. People make assumptions about what different “labels” mean to them or to others, and before we got too far into the podcast, Marcus and I thought it would be important to put out a shorter, bonus episode with the sole purpose of defining as many terms that we plan on using on The Miracles & Atheists Podcast as possible.

Nevertheless, just having a show reading our definitions would be incredibly boring, so we decided to make it a FAMILY affair! Marcus brought on his two daughters, Zoey and Abigail, while I invited my oldest son, Carter to read our definitions and give us their take on these terms. It ended up being a lot of fun recording with our mutual families.  After all, Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven,” (Matthew 18:3).

So why not try to understand the minds of our own?


  • Let’s UNPACK some terms! [4:05]
  • What is a miracle? [5:10]
  • What is a Christian? [5:50]
  • What a Christian is NOT…[6:27]
  • Definition of a Lukewarm Christian [7:09]
  • What is an Atheist? [8:10]
  • What is a Skeptic? [9:59]
  • Definition of an Agnostic [11:24]
  • What does supernatural mean? [13:24]
  • What is deliverance? [15:08]
  • Defining God [16:48]
  • What sticks out (to the kids)? [19:37]
  • Closeout/final words of wisdom [20:36]