Our atheist guest pokes holes in our personal miracle stories…

It was a little uncomfortable being in the hot seat, but that’s what it’s all about on Miracles and Atheists. If we’re real truth-seekers, we shouldn’t be afraid to let someone challenge our supernatural claims, and that’s EXACTLY what we let our atheist friend, Rhett Hall do on this episode. Rhett challenges the miracle stories we told on Episode 002.
Rhett is a self-taught graphic designer and digital artist, and the owner of Lethal Branding, a full service design business centered around brand identity and continuity. His belief stems from the notion that the teachings of the prophets can be good and useful, without there being a divine inspiration.
We want to show you that we’re not just going to sit back and facilitate interesting conversations, we’re going to allow the atheist community to challenge us as well.  It’s only fair.


  • Welcome Rhett Hall to Miracles & Atheists [3:30]
  • Why is the M&A platform important? [8:00]
  • We don’t know really know until we’re challenged [10:15]
  • Rhett’s church journey overview [12:36]
  • Rhett starts poking holes in Marcus’ story [17:40]
  • Marcus responds to some of Rhett’s challenges [22:08]
  • Psychic advancement or whatever [23:08]
  • Is it more likely a subconscious trigger? [27:30]
  • Rhett reflects on Marcus’ response [31:10]
  • I don’t even choose to think about it [35:40]
  • I can’t refute your experiences, but I want my own [37:20]
  • Rhett pokes holes in Nick’s story [41:40]
  • How do doctors do it? [44:10]
  • Making claims without thinking through communication [47:30]
  • Let’s be intellectually honest [50:05]
  • Getting saved from “the system” [53:55]
  • What if half the church isn’t saved? [58:50]
  • How can we make it fair? [1:04:10]
  • Announcements for the Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC) [1:05:50]