Personal stories of the supernatural…

Is there no such thing as a miracle? What type of event would you consider a miracle? In this second episode of The Miracles and Atheists Podcast, you’ll get a unique perspective on the miraculous from the hosts of the show, Nick Snapp and Marcus Plating. They take some time to share their own personal stories of what they would consider miraculous events, witnessed first-hand.
They’re also inviting atheists, skeptics and whoever is interested, to challenge them on these “so-called-supernatural” experiences.  Surely there’s a natural explanation for these experiences, and we’re going to allow the M&A audience to decide for themselves.
M&A will interview one of the show’s atheist friends to unpack these “miracle” stories  in episode 003. Nick and Marcus will be putting themselves in the hot seat, just like they’ll be doing for their future guests. At M&A, we believe that if you dish it out, you need to take it too, and now is the time to lead by example, be challenged, and demonstrate what civil discourse looks like.
You won’t want to miss this important episode, it truly sets the tone for the future of the show.


  • We made it back, and it’s storytelling time! [3:00]
  • Miracle story #1 (w/Marcus Plating) [6:15]
  • Clarifying Marcus’ story [18:02]
  • Miracle story #2 (w/Marcus Plating) [19:40]
  • The issues people have with supernatural claims [23:39]
  • “Qualifying” miracle stories [24:54]
  • Miracle story #3 (w/Nick Snapp) [27:15]
  • Natural explanations for what happened [32:20]
  • Miracle story #4 (w/Nick Snapp) [33:57]
  • Miracle story #5 (w/Nick Snapp) [35:50]
  • The spectrum of reactions to these stories [38:39]
  • Miracle story #6 (w/Marcus Plating) [39:00]
  • Appreciating perspectives and building bridges [43:45]
  • What’s the point of telling our audience these stories [44:35]
  • Inviting atheists to challenge our stories [48:00]
  • Announcements for the Miracles & Atheists Community (#theMAC) [49:42]